About Us

Ceramic Art is a 7000 year old tradition in Anatolia. The production of ceramic arts by Hittite Civilzation in the ancient ages, and later the ceramic arts of the Seljuk's were used to decorate glorius buildings with their colored glaze and elegant designs...

Finally in the 16th century ceramic arts made in Iznik (Nicea) Turkish Ceramics, which reach an extraordinarily high technical and artisticquality in Iznik gained a worldwide reputation for being starting colored glaze techniques especially with Sapphire Blue, Golden Yellow and Turkish Red.

Ceramic production with underglazing technics in Iznik ended in the 18th century.
However Fırça, which is a follow up of a thousands year old tradition in Cappadocia, Kutahya and Istanbul is still producing ceramics and exibits to sell in its galleries. Fırça is an unrivalled company in Turkey with its variety of colors and shapes in the traditional led free ceramics and QUARTZ Iznik tiles, bowls, plates, Seljuk styled colored glaze productions, Hittite Ceramics and Modern art works produced with International standardized and non-toxic materials.
Fırça is also proud of preserving the domestic and international presentation of original Iznik tiles and Anatolian ceramics.